Webinars with Doris Sims Spies-11

Tips and Techniques on Talent Review Meeting with Doris Sims Spies

Doris Sims Spies and I will be hosting 3 webinars on challenges regarding the Talent Review Meeting. Grab this opportunity to virtually meet Doris, the Talent Benchstrength expert who inspired me to start my own business focused on Talent Review & Succession Management.

Register for the following 3 webinars and learn together with fellow HR colleagues:

March 4: How to organize successful virtual Talent Review Meetings?

  • Participate in a live facilitation of a virtual Talent Review Meeting by Doris Sims Spies
  • Tips and techniques for the effective facilitation of the Talent Review Meeting.

March 10: How to reduce the impact of unconscious bias during Talent Review Meetings?

  • What is ‘unconscious bias’ and how does it affect Talent Review Meetings?
  • Tips and techniques to limit the impact of each of these biases.

March 18: How to increase the follow-through of development actions?

  • What is the expected outcome of the Talent Review Meeting?
  • Share tips on how to increase the accountability and follow-through on Talent Review actions.
1 webinar 120 euros (excl. BTW)
2 webinars 200 euros (instead of 240 euros) (excl. BTW)
3 webinars 250 euros (instead of 360 euros) (excl. BTW)