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Each of the following open trainings can also be organized as in-house training.
We train in Dutch, French and English.

Target Population: Talent Managers/directors, HR Managers/directors, Talent Experts, HR Business Partners

More Business Impact with the Talent Review

Next open Training, with plenty of examples :
February 29, 2024

Towards a transparant and business-owned Talent Review Proces.

Learning goals:

  • How to define the Talent Review objectives, in line with the business strategy?
  • What is the desired talent culture? How will it influence the Talent Review Meeting discussions?
  • What is our desired transparency level? What to communicate to whom?
  • How to shift the ownership of this strategic process from HR to the business leaders?
  • What kind of biases are common in Talent Review discussions and how to minimize the impact?
  • What  development offer should we create for the target group discussed during Talent Review?
  • How to facilitate an interactive Succession Planning meeting?Fe

Strengthen your skills as facilitator of the Talent Review Meeting

Strengthen your facilitation skills to get the maximum result out of the Talent Review Meeting

Next open training: 
TBD – let us know your interested and we’ll plan the date of this training together

Learning goals:

  • Agenda and roles during the Talent Review Meeting.
  • What type of questions do add value during the Talent Review Meeting?
  • What are possible unconscious biases and how to handle them?
  • How to involve every manager in the discussions?
  • Practice, practice & practice the facilitator role
  • How to encourage feedback & action after the Talent Review Meeting?


Participation fee: 795 euro (TAV excluded), including the course, lunch and the book ‘The Talent Review Meeting – Facilitator’s Guide’, written by Doris Sims Spies.

We accept a maximum of 8 participants.

The training will be given by 2 experts: Inke Daems & Ingrid De Backer.

Participants speak Flemish and French. Each participant speaks his/her mother tongue.

REGISTER by sending an email, mentioning which open training you are interested in. 

Was it Ingrid as one-of-a-kind coach or was it our group of aspiring HR professionals, but I didn’t even need a break! The training was impactful, strategically framed and full of concrete take-aways all day long. A must do for every HR generalist who wants to facilitate business/people strategy and implementation.



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