Talent ManagementConsultancy


We listen, make proposals, give advice, provide a sounding board, support the implementation, train your leaders, facilitate the Talent Review Meeting, prepare your communication, ….

Challenges we solve together:

  • what is the impact of the new business strategy on Talent Management choices?
  • what is the talent story we would like to share with our employees?
  • how to gain more involvement of the managers in the Talent Review Process. After all, this is a critical business process. 
  • we would like to use the Talent Review Profiler tool, developed by TalentLogiQs, to collect evidence-based information both from the employee and  manager’s perspective.
  • we want to move away from the use of the 9-box as visualization of talents in the organisation. What are the alternatives?
  • our organisation considers the launch of a Talent Review or Succession Management approach. How do we make that happen?
  • how should we evolve towards a simpler approach and simpler definitions?



Contact us if you would like to inspire a group about Talent Management –  Talent Review – Succession Management.


Audience: HR professionals, executives, executive committee, talents.