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  • Huntsman - Sandra Hoeylaerts, Talent Director : “As the project lead of a global project team, Ingrid implemented 1 global Talent Review & Succession Management approach. In order to succeed she had to align a multitude of HR and business views on Talent and Succession Mgmt. Ingrid’s pragmatic and solution-oriented approach made this possible. All of our 80 senior HR Business partners were delighted by the training she gave to align them on 1 global approach. Implementation in all of our divisions globally has been a big success A human-oriented and transparent collaboration.”
  • AXA - Caroline Plichart, Directeur Talent : “Nous avons fortement apprécié le support inspirant d’Ingrid dans nos réflexions sur notre Culture Talent désirée. Les échanges pendant les workshops online étaient enrichissants et nous ont clarifié la voie à suivre pour le futur au niveau de notre approche du processus Talent Review"
  • Degroof Petercam - Florence Biaumé, HR Director Talent Management : “To secure an attractive & customized blended learning track for our young professionals, Ingrid facilitated a project team of so called ‘Next Generation Talents’. Her professional and enthusiastic guidance inspired these talents and helped us to choose the most appropriate training partner as perfect answer to the identified training needs.”
  • Agentschap voor Overheidspersoneel - Sandra Lauf, Hoofd Loopbaancentrum : "Ingrid faciliteerde de talentbesprekingen binnen ons Agentschap voor Overheidspersoneel, het HR-agentschap van de Vlaamse Overheid. Ik heb Ingrid ervaren als een zeer bevlogen iemand, met een grote bagage aan ervaring en expertise. Haar jarenlange ervaring binnen het werkveld, haar enthousiasmerende stijl , haar professionalisme en tegelijk pragmatisme, haar drijfveer om tot resultaten te komen mét oog voor context en de mensen maakt haar een heel fijne partner om mee samen te werken."
  • Engie - Mieke Claeys, Career Development Manager : “De workshop ‘Professioneel faciliteren van de Talent Review Meeting’ was een schot in de roos. De HR Business Partners van Sales & Marketing verwierven niet enkel nieuwe inzichten over de specifieke bijdrage/rol van iedere deelnemer aan de Talent Review Meeting, ook verbeterden zij hun vraagstelling en non-verbale impact. Een aanrader!”
  • Nationale Bank van België - Siska D'Hoore, Head of HR : “we worked with Ingrid for the fine-tuning of our Talent Review process and the training for our managers. She was instrumental in asking the right questions and pointing out where the process needed to be sharper or improved. She also did an excellent job in preparing our managers to participate in this new process, helping overcome doubts and fears, and proactively proposed a "just in time" learning approach. Warmly recommended!”
  • Partenamut : Facilitate online workshops with the Executive Committee members to define the Talent Management Strategy and the desired talent culture.
  • BeMobile - Delphine De Groote, Talent Manager : “Was it Ingrid as one-of-a-kind coach or was it our group of aspiring HR professionals, but I didn’t even needed a break! The training was impactful, strategically framed and full of concrete take-aways all day long. A must do for every HR generalist who wants to facilitate business/people strategy and implementation.”