Are your Talent Review data evidence-based?

My clients ask me how to ensure that the data, discussed during Talent Review Meetings, are trustworthy. Only valid data will lead to right people’s decisions.
As Daniel Kahneman stipulates in his must-read book ‘Thinking fast and slow,’ people place too much confidence in human judgment. We all are subject to cognitive biases.

However, most organizations trust the feedback of the manager and the HR Business Partner to gather input on the potential, aspirations, risk of leaving, … of the employee.
We better make the data, used during Talent Review Meetings, as evidence-based as possible, including the employee’s perspective. Only then can we rely on good people’s decisions.

Today, we avoid the risk of weak people’s decisions, by using several sources to collect information on each employee discussed in the Talent Review Meeting.

Looking at the same person from different angles increases the objectivity and correctness of the advice and decisions taken. We also train the managers in the aligned interpretation of definitions and
competencies used. We make it mandatory to have a dialogue with each employee prior to the Talent Review Meeting, to clarify the ambitions. And still … we lack an evidence-based approach.

I would like to bring the Talent Review Profiler to your attention as a possible answer to this shortcoming.

This talent intelligence tool, which consists of a questionnaire completed by the employee and one by the manager, gives evidence-based input on the potential, risk of leaving, the relation between the manager and employee and other vital data to feed the discussions during the Talent Review Meeting and take informed decisions.