What if we look at the Talent Review with an AGILE mindset?

Within the context of the Talent Review, I have been using the word ‘agile’ since more than 15 years.
And more specifically the words ‘learning agility’ as a fundamental characteristic for employees, showing the ability and willingness to learn from their experience and use those lessons to perform effectively in new and different situations.

These days the word ‘agile‘ refers to a mindset and a methodology.
Several organisations are implementing a more agile performance management cycle, meaning they want their leaders to focus on continuous feedback conversations, preferably future oriented instead of a once-in-a-year backward looking evaluation.

What would be the advantages of applying the agile mindset to Talent Review & Succession Management?

Imagine that …

  • leaders share an aligned vision on the added value of the Talent Review and Succession Management approach
  • career and behavioural development in line with the business needs are at the center of the Talent Review
  • the follow-up on the outcome of the Talent Review is a topic on the agenda of each leadership meeting
  • the organisations’ talent pipeline is not a static list of talented employees, but an evolving pool of employees showing an agile mindset
  • ‘showing an agile mindset’ is a prerequisite to become a leader in the organisation or to be identified as potential successor
  • leaders participate to the Talent Review Meeting, cross divisions, to add value to the feedback and development initiatives for people they work with
  • succession management of critical positions is focused on a 2 or 3 year time-horizon, instead of 5 to 6 years

… in order to be more agile in the way we look at Talent Review & Succession Management.